Trophic relationships in the pelagic area of Lake Tanganyka (Burundi): A tentative evaluation

TitleTrophic relationships in the pelagic area of Lake Tanganyka (Burundi): A tentative evaluation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsMoreau, J, Nyakageni B
JournalRevue d'hydrobiologie tropicale. Paris
Accession Number2230707
Keywords01382 Ecological techniques and apparatus, biological production, biomass, Burundi, Tanganyka L., ECOSYSTEMS, food chains, Freshwater, freshwater fish, MODELS, pelagic environment, plankton, predators, Q1, Q1 01481 Productivity, Q1 01483 Species interactions: general, trophic relationships

A simple model called ECOPATH allows to understand the relationships between different trophic levels and to estimate the mean annual biomass and ecological production, based on input data that are usually available. This model is used to describe the food-web of a rather simple ecosystem: the pelagic area in part of Lake Tanganyka (Burundi). Biomasses and ecological productions are computed. It is shown that most of the ecological production of zooplankton-eater clupeids is consumed by a predator, Luciolates stappersii . Previous estimates of biomasses appear to be relevant and the sensibility of ECOPATH model to variations of the values of needed parameters, mainly P/B is assessed.

Alternate JournalRev. Hydrobiol. Trop.
Original PublicationLes relations trophiques dans la zone pelagique du lac Tanganyka (secteur Burundi). Essai d'evaluation