Ecopath with Ecosim 6 the latest software that encompasses the legacy Ecopath with Ecosim core computations coupled with a modern user interface and tools to simplify the process of ecosystem modelling.

What's new:

EwE 6.4.2 is largely a stability release to EwE 6.3.x and EwE 6.4. Changes include:

  • A wide range of stability fixes, most notably to Ecospace;
  • New plug-ins: Model from Ecosim and Remarks collector;
  • Better integration of plug-ins into the EwE workflow;
  • Improved functionality to Value Chain, Multi-sim and Network Analysis plug-ins;
  • Added Stock Reduction Analysis and usability features to Monte Carlo;
  • Added the heart of the spatial-temporal data framework;
  • Several bug fixes and usability issues.

For a complete list of changes and additions see here. Release 6.4 is developed under the Ecopath Research and Development Consortium, and is entirely funded via co-development and user support.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.0
  • Office 2007/2010 or Office 2007 database drivers
EwE 6.4.2 (19.5MB) July 2014

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